Create your own Atlas(s) in your Projects

More than just a journey map, which only plots customer interactions by time and point of engagement, the Customer Journey Atlas, provides a full look at your customer’s experience set across each stage of their relationship with your organization.

The Ecosystem of CX Solutions

Like customer experience (CX) more broadly, there are a number of platforms that create the ecosystem of tools available to manage and understand their Customers’ experience. The confusing part is that a number of tools all call themselves “Customer Journey Tools” which tends to muddy the market.

How complex does a journey map need to be?

We just finished teaching a class on CX driven Journey mapping to a large and very diverse group. It was really a fascinating class – smart and discerning. There were a number of common questions and comments from both beginning and advanced CX Architects/Mappers.

New resources available from SuiteCX

We have some new curated resources to help you broaden your knowledge around customer experience, journey mapping, and journey analytics.

EPIC Videocast, Beyond Books & Blogs

A big thanks to those who have already participated in our videocast series that is published on YouTube and to those who will participate in the near future. It’s really great to be part of a community that is large-hearted and single-minded in their commitment to the customers’ cause.

SuiteCX is now one of the highest ranked CEM/CJM tools

2018 was an excellent year for SuiteCX.  SuiteCX has put another strong year of growth and profitability under its belt. 2018 was its best year ever with increased profit, higher demand and recognition in analyst reports. SuiteCX was identified in Forrester’s Wave. SuiteCX was also …

Do we Mine or Mind the Gap?

Ever wonder why there is such a gap between all the hard work you do in providing Voice of the Customer and Net Promoter Scores to your internal partners and then not being able to see how that in turn results in enabling the company …

Journey Mapping Effectiveness Comes from Leadership and Frequency

In the recent research report by MyCustomer in association with Quadient, Customer Journey Mapping Research Report 2018, results validate what we practitioners have known for years: leadership buy-in absolutely matters and it should never be a one-and-done effort. It is really great to see more …

How to get Started on Customer Experience Transformation

Everyone is talking about customer experience and most companies have NPS (net promoter scores) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction ) scores , but don’t confuse this with making CX a business priority for your company. There is as a significant difference between the theory of CX …

The Dirty Little Secret Behind CX Initiatives, and Why They’re So Hard

In my last post I reviewed several factors that all contribute to the difficulty of pursuing a long-term customer experience improvement initiative, even though improving CX seems to be on every company’s wish list. But in addition to inattention, drifting priorities, overloaded managers, inadequate data and lack …