How can NPS be used to Inform Marketing?

By measuring and tracking NPS data organizations can understand the drivers of the business and begin to utilize the data to inform and drive marketing. In this white paper we investigate how you can integrate NPS with data strategy to inform data-driven marketing and drive …

Is this the end of targeted customer marketing?

There has been a bit of a revolution going on in Marketing. Sparked by the remarkable success of a book by Byron Sharp: How Brands Grow. Sharp discusses a series of Marketing Laws in an attempt to impose science (or at least empiricism) on marketing. He …

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Case Studies in Smart Customer Engagement

It is becoming ever more clear that companies are interested in improving the customer experience. However, there is some finesse required to engage with customers in this era of full inboxes and time-starved days.  True engagement requires a dialogue between customer and company.  Customers must …

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The State of CX: Musings on The CXPA Members’ Insight Exchange

I attended the CXPA Members’ Insight Exchange last week in Atlanta. It was a wonderful gathering of people focused on both the theoretical and practical aspects of improving the customer experience in their organizations. Many of the speakers presented actual case studies to illustrate their …

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Customer Experience is about Business Transformation

The more we interact with clients the more we have come to realize that Customer Experience (CX) is fundamentally about business transformation. Understanding customers and responding to market dynamics accordingly requires an agile approach, but must companies are flummoxed as to where to focus their …

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Harvard Business Review on Customer Journeys

We love it when we see further validation of the work we have been doing for so long. Harvard Business Review weighs in on the power of customer journeys in helping companies to differentiate via excellence in customer experience.

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New is not always better

Our latest SlideShare about how acquisition strategies must be balanced with strong retention and loyalty programs in order to maximize profitability. Check it out and share!