SuiteCX Announces the Atlas!

In keeping with our theme this year of listening to our customers we have deployed a couple of new features that will hopefully be quite exciting for you.

March 2020 Release Notes

Next comprehensive application release 2.2, High-resolution Printer Phase 2, Trash Can, Gizmo CSS Style (gadget, gear and widget) integration, Map Atlas

SuiteCX Rolls out Data Management Enhancement!

Data scientists, architects, & dimensional logic junkies are going to love this one. Also, those of you who want to do things faster, and in bulk. Manage your IPoint data like a pro with our new and improved IPoint database.

SuiteCX Rolls out View only User Experience!

Happy New Year and 1st Quarter of 2020!  Rounding out last year, we listened to our customers and bundled up a handful of product enhancements and/or new features. We are in the process of rolling these out across our Customer base right now. There will …

February 2020 Release Notes

Brand-able Map printing, High-resolution Printer phase 1, Database 2 Look-Feel and Mass Functionality

January 2020 Release Notes

Public / Private Map Sharing URL, Guest User / View Mode, Upgraded View Only Experience, Upgraded Layered Maps / 12 Column Maps, Update to SuiteCX help system and training videos

December 2019 Release Notes

Last partial application release 2.14, Server migration, SuiteCX preforms our annual vulnerability and penetration testing, External / Internal Link Click-Through

October 2019 Release Notes

Updated our self-guided learning experience and training videos, Upgrade to Statistics UI and Functionality, Layered Map Configuration Rules