January 2020 Release Notes

Public / Private Map Sharing URL, Guest User / View Mode, Upgraded View Only Experience, Upgraded Layered Maps / 12 Column Maps, Update to SuiteCX help system and training videos

December 2019 Release Notes

Last partial application release 2.14, Server migration, SuiteCX preforms our annual vulnerability and penetration testing, External / Internal Link Click-Through

October 2019 Release Notes

Updated our self-guided learning experience and training videos, Upgrade to Statistics UI and Functionality, Layered Map Configuration Rules

September 2019 Release Notes

Revived Map Copy No changes to clone here but back by customer demand is map copy – where cloning creates a new map with new IPoints from an existing map; copy creates a new map with existing IPoints. Clone is useful for “As-Is” and “To-Be” …

Publish and share your Interaction Point details with key stakeholders…

In SuiteCX each Interaction Point contains a database of attributes. You can drill down into, and comment upon,  pain points; moments of truth; emotions; metrics; campaign details; Ethnographic elements (doing, thinking, feeling); scores; findings, recommendations and much much more. SuiteCX has enhanced our 360 views …

June 2019 Release Notes

Update to help system, Click-through Auto-Map – Grid Map experience, Auto-Map – Pain Points/Moments That Matter, Auto-Map – Ownership