Announcing SuiteCX List Manager

Visualize Recommendations, Moments that Matter, Initiatives, or create a Pain Point map – List Manager makes it easy and fast. List Manager ‘sees’ inside IPoints to display data that you have already entered and allows you to add additional comments as needed.  For those who …

SuiteCX is now one of the highest ranked CEM/CJM tools

2018 was an excellent year for SuiteCX.  SuiteCX has put another strong year of growth and profitability under its belt. 2018 was its best year ever with increased profit, higher demand and recognition in analyst reports. SuiteCX was identified in Forrester’s Wave. SuiteCX was also …

February 2019 Release Notes

User Interface (configurator) Access to manage UI colors in grid maps and to manage custom descriptors, IPoint Hover-over Attachment Preview, Custom IPoint Templates

Master Customer Experience Design Mapping

Developing maps that are actionable, audience sensitive and aesthetically pleasing is a trade craft-experienced practitioners have mastered. Actionable customer experience design supports a representation of a problem and solution or a communication plan to drive action. Audience sensitivity is a presentation that engages the audience. …

December 2018 Release Notes

Last partial application release 2.04, Vulnerability and penetration testing, Screen Clipping and Screenshot Libraries, Black-box Testing spider