May 2018 Release Notes

IPoint 360 Funneling and IPoint Tracing, IPoint 360 Campaign Information, IPoint 360 UX

New Features for SuiteCX in 2018

Create Maps Fast Start using one-click automated templates SuiteCX just got remarkably easier to use. You can now create a variety of maps with just one click. Choose from eleven built-in, easy-to-complete templates to handle most of your mapping needs. With one-click map templates, your …

April 2018 Release Notes

Enhanced Download Dialog 2.0, Map Sharing Link (simplified URLs), Updated help system

February 2018 Release Notes

Persona Image Manager, Password Recovery System + Password Peek for all customers, Enhanced IPoint Editor 2.0, Map Database

January 2018 Release Notes

Enhanced Map Editor 2.0, Add a Custom Map, Tiles, simplified one-click process to add a map, API 2.0, Map Background Manager, Enhanced Extending Language Library, Self-guided Training Module, Major Release